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    Buy, sell, be creative

    MRKT is a social marketplace, catering to the design-obsessed individuals, the people who craft and style, the independent artists, the emerging brands, the private collectors, the influenced and the influencers. Here you can discover amazing new or vintage style, you can buy, sell or contemplate the constantly changing, user-generated feed of diverse products.

    Express yourself through your belongings

    We believe in self-expression, the very essence for establishing the aesthetic style, we believe that every object in our possession has a story to tell and deserves a second life to live.


    Our community

    Our community is comprised of creatives, sellers, buyers and makers in the pursuit of individuality and self expression. At mrkt we do not use the stock photos, since our community is all about the love of aesthetics

    UGC everything

    Most of our categories are user generated hashtags.These categories are used to identify the creative and functional characteristics of both the product and the image. Such as composition, occasion, theme, mood. At mrkt you can create your own smart hashtag and gather followers around it, or use the ones that have already been generated by other sellers and join their community.

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